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Friday, February 3

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Early Bird Special: A NYC subway busker performs the hell out of Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

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Thursday, January 19

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Kickass Cover Mashup of the Day: Luc Bergeron AKA Zapatou mashes up 71  covers of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” from all around the world.

A full list of links to the original covers can be found in the video’s description.

(As you’re watching this and enjoying yourself keep in mind that this is the exact sort of thing that PIPA and SOPA seek to prohibit. Politicians are backpeddling in droves, but the fight continues. Take action now.)


Sam Tsui. That is all.

Also, John Legend. Duh.

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Wednesday, October 19

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in love.

Kirin, is this the one you were talking about?…

Sunday, May 8

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This is what happened after the “Daydreamer" choreography ended…

Thursday, April 28

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What the whoa. How do I defy gravity and do that crazy leap?  Love the song and enjoy the SYTYCD-esque choreography.  Honestly, I just want to create an entire dance show to Adele’s CD.

Thursday, April 14

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I am really digging this choreography to Adele’s “Daydreamer.”  I don’t know if I like it more than Mariel and Keone’s choreography, but they’re both fantastic and make my heart go “murrr.”  I need to figure out how to do the shoulder cartwheel at 44 seconds. 

Monday, March 28

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John Legend // Rolling In The Deep (Cover)

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Sunday, March 20

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Mariel Martin & Keone Madrid - “Daydreamer”

My little heart just said “Murrrrrr.” Tender.

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Thursday, February 17

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“Set Fire to the Rain” - Adele

Yes, Adele.  Sing it, girl.

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