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Saturday, June 16

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In a series of work entitled String Mirrors, South Korean artist Hong Sungchul creates three-dimensional sculptures/photographs made of string. The pieces consist of hundreds of printed on elastic strings that when lined up together, display an image. The strings are strung on several rows giving the pieces varied depth that is both delicate and beautifully presented.

Hands are so expressive. 

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Thursday, September 22

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By Dominic Wilcox, I struggled to pick my favourite of this inventive series of watch sculptures, the man in the seat had to be my favourite. I just know if I had one of these myself I would just wait all day for that magic moment when his bottom finds the chair. Wilcox seems to be a wizard of all things cool, he’s also the man behind the electric chair I posted before.

This is just too cool.

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Monday, August 29

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Map an installation by Aram Bartholl.

It’s happening. —Wright

The Google lover in me giggled out loud.